Favorite Sons and Daughters, 2008 from the most recent AEI Political Corner.

Q: Would make a good president . . . ?   Yes No
Arizona voters John McCain 48% 42%
Georgia voters Newt Gingrich 30 63
Illinois voters Barack Obama 64 29
Massachusetts voters Mitt Romney 31 65
Massachusetts voters John Kerry 25 71
New York voters Hillary Clinton 57 39
New York voters Rudy Giuliani 46 51

This is probably meaningless but fun. Amusing points:

  1. McCain is the highest of the GOPers in his home state, which is actually a red state, unlike the others.
  2. Obama is the highest of the Dems in his home state.
  3. Clinton beats Giuliani in NY.
  4. Romney beats Kerry in MA. Good for him. But Romney probably looses to McCain in his own state, so I wonder what that means…