I think that election fraud is a real serious issue. I’m going to be putting links to stories about election fraud up all day.

NJ via Hotline:

“It appears the Democrats have already resorted to Election Day dirty tricks. Late last night vandals struck the Kean for Senate Headquarters and an auxiliary office of the Star-Ledger by chaining closed the main entrance to the building as well as braking off keys in the side door entrances. Desperate ploys such as using Hudson County Correctional Inmates to disrupt press conferences or chaining closed the front door to our headquarters, will not prevent us from informing voter’s that Bob Menendez is under Federal Criminal Investigation and is unfit to serve in the United States Senate.”

Philly via Redstate:

In wards 7, 19, 51 in Philly, PA, the crowds are going wild. Inside several voting locations, individuals have poured white out onto the polling books and the poll workers are allowing voters to go into the polls and vote without first registering. Several individuals are on hand demanding that voters vote straight Democrat.

RNC lawyers have headed to the scene of the incidents, which are occurring in mostly hispanic precinct locations. The District Attorney has also been contacted.

More from the ground: Reports of voter intimidation by son-in-law of Philadelphia City Commissioner in 19th Ward. Carlos Mantos is not allowing Republican poll watchers with valid poll-watching certificates monitor polling places.

NM-1 election officials not offering provisional ballots and printing insufficient ballots in heavy GOP precincts:

Yes – that’s a strong claim – but it looks to be true. At Bernalillo County precinct 603 in Albququerque’s NE Heights – where there are over 2400 registered voters, Herrera (who is also running for Secretary of State) only sent over 150 ballots. They ran out. A long time ago.

Mary Herrera’s office has confirmed that they made a judgement call in sending over only 150 ballots to the Republcian heavy precinct 603. The Clerk’s office sent over another 250 to try and alleviate the problem – a number NOBODY thinks is adequate.

And apparently this R heavy precinct had no provisional ballots available for the voters to use…a violation of federal election law.