WSJ says: Romney hurts Healey. Healey agrees

This is quite amusing:

A recent television ad from Mr. Patrick’s campaign featured big pictures of Mr. Romney and Ms. Healey while an announcer reeled off complaints about their administration: increased property taxes; police layoffs; job losses and the tunnel collapse in the Big Dig, a massive highway project that has been under construction for years.

Ms. Healey, aiming to become the first female governor of Massachusetts, has shied from having Mr. Romney accompany her on the campaign trail, though Mr. Fehrnstrom said the governor is willing to do whatever is asked of him. “The extent of Gov. Romney’s involvement in Kerry Healey’s campaign will be determined by Kerry Healey,” he said. So far, he said, the extent of Mr. Romney’s participation has been “fund-raising behind the scenes.”

So why did Romney cut an ad praising himself? Romney has created a test with his chairmanship of the RGA. He is supposed to defend our governor’s seats. His investments in IA and MI are not going so well (early primary states).

He lost his state and his LG is running from him. There’s a record to run for President on. But he’ll be here in IA doing just that on Friday.