Today the NY Times ran an article about Bloomberg not endorsing Faso:

Dealing a symbolic blow to Republicans’ hopes of holding on to the executive mansion in Albany, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday that he would not make any endorsement in the race to succeed Gov. George E. Pataki.

Now this makes a lot of sense. Faso stands no chance whatsoever. And Bloomberg has to run for re-election some day. However, the article goes on to note one of the problems that some Republicans have with Giuliani:

Mr. Bloomberg’s predecessor, Rudolph W. Giuliani, famously crossed party lines to endorse Gov. Mario M. Cuomo, a Democrat, in 1994, only to see Mr. Pataki win in an upset. Relations between Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Pataki were strained for years.

One of the questions that Giuliani will have to answer over the next year is: Can he be a leader of the party? I have argued that that is one of the most important tests of the pre-primary.

And think about this talking point: In the year of the Republican Revolution, Giuliani was with the Democrats.



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[…] *EyeOn08 blog has a post about another politcal gaffe by Mayor Giuliani, this one in the past. In 1994, Giuliani endorsed then Gov. Mario Cuomo over current Gov. Pataki (who went on to win anyway). […]

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[…] It’s not that I don’t like Giuliani — I do.  It’s that when I pull the Republican for President lever next November, I want to be voting for a Republican.  Giuliani’s about as Republican as Joe Lieberman.  He has defense.  That’s his Republican part.  He’s pro-gay-marriage, pro-abortion, has turned NYC into a sanctuary city, endoresed Democrat Cuomo over Republican Bloomberg for governor.  And, oh, yeah… has the worst record on gun control of any of the republican candidates.  […]

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