Hotlineblog has the details. Note that this release was hinted at earlier this week by an attack on Romney by Gary Glenn. They have obviously been working on this for a while, but you wonder if the timing is in response to all the press about McCain and his team this week?

If you want to see the full list, go to the Hotline Blog article. But let me note some of the people here:

  • Speaker Craig DeRoche Co-Chairman; Speaker, Michigan State House of Representatives. Nuff said.
  • Scott Romney Michigan State University, Board of Trustees; Attorney. The candidate’s brother.
  • Ronna Romney Former U.S. Senate Candidate. The candidate’s sister.
  • Congressman Joe Knollenberg U.S. Representative, 9th District.

This is important. Usually in Michigan GOP politics, it is the money guys versus the grassroots. This often translates as moderates versus conservatives. In Michigan, that means Oakland County versus western Michigan. Joe Knollenberg is Mr. Oakland County. However, the moderates may be split because of Congressman Fred Upton’s close relationship with McCain.
There are also a large number of state reps (because of the Speaker, presumably) and a number of Central Committee members. I am unsure what those mean.

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