Dan Drezner is saying that the next McCain is Brownback. One Redstate writer agrees, but another suggests Hagel. Of course, no one really thinks that these are viable 08 candidates. But the search for an anti-McCain candidate continues furiously.

One option seems to be Mitt Romney. But Gary Glenn, the chairman of Campaign for Michigan Families and the president of the American Family Association in Michigan.– remember that’s an early primary state and, rumor is, Mitt’s home after he leaves MA — doesn’t like Romney’s record. Hotlineblog has the details:

“Romney’s ten-year political career has occurred from his late 40s to his late 50s, yet he asks pro-family conservatives to naively believe that he’s just now figuring out his core beliefs.” … “According to the Associated Press, he has appointed at least two openly homosexual lawyers to state judgeships, one a board member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association. Imagine how that will fly in Republican presidential primaries in the South, the prospect of a president with a record of appointing homosexual activists to the bench.”

A conservative activist at Save The GOP says that he could support McCain but he doesn’t trust him on judges. One suspects that this is not going to enamour him to Romney…

Also today in Insight Magazine, Newt Gingrich suffers the worst possible. He gets compared to Clinton:

Mr. Gingrich is the conservative version of Mr. Clinton Both are spoiled, self-indulgent and narcissistic baby boomers. Both are policy wonks (except that Mr. Clinton deals in liberal ideas and Mr. Gingrich in conservative ones). Both are men on the make, shameless opportunists obsessed with political power and influence. Both are superficial and hollow leaders, who fold when they encounter fierce opposition. And both are sexual degenerates who have mistreated women.

Yowsers. And, of course, last week, conservatives were explaining why Giuliani wasn’t suitable.

The search goes on.


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