Tom Rath was a huge Bush operative in 2000 in New Hampshire. He didn’t do too well in his own state, but he carried a lot of water for our President.

Now it appears that he is carrying water for Romney. Now, that’s cool, but he cannot do it as the National Committeeman of the NH GOP. From the NH GOP bylaws (as reprinted by NHInsider in “Bypassing the Bylaws”):

“During all Presidential and State Primaries the Committeeman and Committeewoman must remain strictly neutral and may not publicly or privately support, assist or endorse any one candidate over another.”

The article points out that Rath has been chummy with Ron Kaufman, MA NCM, consummate insider, and Romney operative. In fact:

Our sources, who attended the summer meeting, tell us that Rath was doing more than just catching up with old friends. He was helping Teer and Kaufman recruit members of the RNC to join them on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Now let’s not forget that Tom Rath isn’t just another NCM, not even one from an important state. Caucuscooler points out that no one would care if the IA NCM did something like this.  He even claims to have picked Harriet Miers and shepparded David Souter