The DSCC blasted McCain for his appearance with the GOP SC Adjutant General candidate

But the DSCC got their facts wrong (“Shoot first, ask questions never”). You see they say:

The law that McCain wrote specifically prohibits Senators from raising more than $2100 for a state candidate. [my emphasis] However, the Spears invitation encourages donors to give amounts up to and beyond that limit. This means that John McCain is raising soft money. [their emphasis]

So I asked about the invitation, and I got the invitation and the RSVP card. From the RSVP card:

Contributions to Spears for Adjutant General are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. The solicitation of funds is being made only by Spears for Adjutant General. We are honored to have Senator McCain as our Special Guest for this event. In accordance with federal law, Senator McCain is not soliciting individual contributions in excess of $2,100 per person, nor is he soliciting corporate, labor union, or foreign national contributions. South Carolina state law allows campaign contributions of up to $3,500 per election cycle. Registered lobbyists please disregard.

In other words, Dems got it wrong. McCain got it right. Now the DSCC probably just read the press release and didn’t do any research.

But if this is how a Democratic Senate Majority would act — shoot first, not bother with questions, and get it wrong — I think I’ll pass.

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