Romney’s Keyes problem?

The other day, I reviewed the history of the 2000 election in which Alan Keyes served as a conservative attack dog. He attacked every candidate from the right and helped make arguments that prevented the consolidation of the right. It appears that he might have that effect by attacking Mitt Romney this time:

Keyes, on addressing marriage, was the first candidate to take a swipe at the frontrunners and argued Romney, as governor of Massachusetts, was "single handedly responsible" for the gay marriage issue.

These restate Keyes’ 2006 attacks on Romney (emphasis in the original)

It’s because Mitt Romney, who’s now running around the country telling people he’s an opponent of same sex marriage, forced the justices of the peace and others to perform same sex marriageall on his own with no authorization or requirement from the court. Tells you how twisted our politicians have become. On the first day, he forces homosexual marriage through in the state of Massachusetts without any warrant or requirement from the court. And the day after that, he goes to a conference sponsored by Focus on the Family to announce what a strong supporter he is of traditional marriage. Ah! God help us, please.

A number of friends have stumbled on the question: Who is actually going to attack Mitt Romney and expose him? None of the candidates can really get away with it. Alan Keyes may be the answer.

Who is paying for Keyes this time?

Well, Alan Keyes is in the race, it appears.

A friend who was a highly trusted Bush donor back in 2000 once told me that he got regular phone calls from the Bush campaign in 1999 and 2000 asking to pay the speaking fees for Alan Keyes events. Keyes never had the firepower to actually raise enough money to campaign. The strategy was that Keyes could keep attacking people like Forbes from the right and keep the conservatives shattered so that Bush could keep on trucking.

So who is going to pay for Alan Keyes this time?