This is, briefly, some notes on the content that this blog/site provides:

  • First, there is the main blog. I attempt to provide a serious, albeit biased, view of the 2008 presidential race, focusing almost exclusively on the GOP side. One person asked me if I was operative or journalist. I answered, "Both, but focus on operative."
  • Second, I am awash in information about the 2008 race. People send me stuff. I read stuff. So I am providing an RSS feed of interesting and/or amusing stories. Again, there is rarely much systematic or objective about these. I encounter them. They are interesting. I add them. This is partly so that I can get back to them. For techies, this is just a feed wrapped in Feedburner. This is also presented in a sidebar of this blog.
  • Pictures! I have started Flickr feed that can also be viewed on the sidebar. I am less visual, so this will not be reliably updated.

The Web 2.0 internet is primarily a reorganization of other people’s information. Sometimes I will create my own, but mostly I reorganize and recategorize what is out there already. I hope you enjoy my content.