• @edhenryTV you should ask about …SOPA Activism Moves Republicans More Than Democrats http://t.co/a56jeS5t in reply to edhenryTV #
  • Romney has been running for president since 2004. How does he not have an answer to the tax return question? #
  • I bet all the Republicans will be opposed to #SOPA and #PIPA while Harry Reid and Pat Leahy are fighting for it #
  • I think he said "favor" RT @tobyharnden Gingrich on SOPA: "I favour freedom…" in reply to tobyharnden #
  • @peterdaou That's not how it looks with Harry Reid, Pat Leahy, and Chris Dodd pushing SOPA in reply to peterdaou #
  • It really is stunning that they didn't let Ron Paul into this one until the crowd took over. #
  • @mattklewis not a comment on felon voting right? would that make him a conviction liberal? (sorry, too easy…) in reply to mattklewis #

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