• @PatrickRuffini yup. and the BC Liberals are going to make building a pipeline to the ocean real easy I bet … in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • funny that Obama is probably going to create a mini-constitutional crisis over executive power by claiming more. #
  • @kombiz amused to see progressives advocating for more executive power after the bush administration. in reply to kombiz #
  • @kombiz claiming a recess appointment when there isn't technically a recess is abuse. Unless you don't care about rule of law … in reply to kombiz #
  • @kombiz well, it will probably have to go to the supreme court. probably not now, but the actions of CFRB + NLRB will be challenged in reply to kombiz #
  • @kombiz @LizMair @JPFreire are you claiming that Bush made an appointment during a pro forma? CRS report says that he didn't in reply to kombiz #
  • @Jadesfire @kombiz the white house certainly has been … in reply to Jadesfire #

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