• Go Mitch Daniels… Wish you were running for President… http://t.co/y0SOVadU #
  • in 2008, I noticed that Romney had trouble breaking out of the richest voters. Same in IA http://t.co/HK7Jl2Hx #rsrh #
  • It is clear that South Carolina will be fun. And nasty. #
  • @MelissaTweets Ron Paul's success has more to do with being a caucus. I would end those before going closed. in reply to MelissaTweets #
  • @seanhackbarth true that SC is always nasty. but we will see people attack Romney + Santorum in the media. Neither has happened yet. in reply to seanhackbarth #
  • @SeanTrende I agree. Pluralities are all this thing takes. SC was split 3 ways in 2008. @FtLauderDaniel in reply to SeanTrende #
  • Rick Santorum is like Mike Huckabee without humor or personality. this is so depressing. #
  • how is Santorum doing on ballot access in OH, IL, VA, NY? Those are the hard states. Probably can't even be on the ballot there, right? #
  • first santorum success failure: their google search budget has been hit. when you search "santorum" you get the bad stuff. #
  • @dankennedy_nu yes. but Santorum had been running google ads to drive people to the website to manage the issue in reply to dankennedy_nu #
  • yeah, Ron Paul has done more to move the debate on monetary policy than Obama has on just about anything … #
  • Only if he blinks … RT @PatrickRuffini Is Rand positioning himself as a more electable, pragmatic version of his father? in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • @PatrickRuffini we won't even know for 6 months … Ron Paul will contest delegates like they did 4 years ago in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • newt is going to go nuclear on everyone. and with Newt Inc, he can keep running. #
  • @Bytor3BP @LisaStickan Upshot that a lot of people made it because of the extra time, in spite of the new lines. in reply to Bytor3BP #
  • it is going to be fascinating to watch how DoD handles the Ron Paul supporter in uniform. Interesting martyr #
  • the thing about Rick Santorum … he actually is in control of enough substance to hold his own in a debate #
  • @walteralarkon very true. But it looks like he's going to have Newt explaining him…. in reply to walteralarkon #
  • Yeah, this is just smart politics … McCain To Endorse Romney Tomorrow http://t.co/fNPiJhlM #
  • opening with CS Lewis. Wow. Yeah, he's fighting. #
  • Santorum is an interesting shift of geography. While I am not a fan, he is a suburban/small town northeastern/midwestern catholic. #
  • man of substance unlike many blips RT @secupp Anyone who knows Santorum is not surprised he can give this kind of speech without notes. in reply to secupp #

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