• Obama realtor + donor sentenced to 10+ years …. http://t.co/s86UYeMX #
  • This CNN intro is absurd. #
  • Calvin Coolidge? Really? #
  • This is the most DC insider audience ever. Probably the only one that Ron Paul will get a solid boo in #
  • Couldn't they get a … daughter of teh American revolution for this? #
  • Ron Paul did not say that the wars were unconstitutional… He used to do that in HIRC hearings. That's interesting. #
  • So awesome. Total fail RT @johntabin: Did Willard Mitt Romney just claim that Mitt is his first name? #
  • When SNL is too weird to be fiction … #
  • It is nice that the first question comes from a Republican and a conservative. Actually asking questions that we care about #
  • Ron Paul gets an applause from the DC audience on the patriot act. It does show the division on this #
  • Newt has a distinction between what we do outside our borders whereas Ron Paul is talking about inside our borders. Important difference #
  • @JonHuntsman points out that values do matter in how people perceive us. New world. But what about the patriot act? #
  • @MittRomney does bring this back to Newt's distinction for international war versus domestic action. That's the concept. #
  • wow. split screen. jokes. this is incredibly. #
  • @JonHuntsman uses an opportunity to get his domestic hits in. Interestingly important for his appeal. #
  • Pakistan question. The question is, what if bribing people is the best way to get some leverage there? Then you do it #
  • Too nuclear to fail is interesting…. What's the analogy to "too big to fail" which is a bad thing that we are supposed to walk away from #
  • This Michelle Bachmann is on her game…. #
  • In 2008. McCain and Ron Paul were in competition for votes. Huntsman clearly understands that #
  • does anyone really believe that Afghanistan will be secure and safe? Really? #
  • 40 minutes into the debate and nothing about the European crisis #
  • Doing it for real is important. We have still not modified our civilian agencies for dealing with these problems #
  • #cnndebate what role should the US and the Fed have in dealing with the European financial crisis? Should the Fed tell the American people? #
  • Israel and Iran. Mildly amazing that we are first discussing those at 50 minutes #
  • how does a country of 6m have a success plan attacking 30m without just blowing up lots of things? #
  • @thehermancain the problem isn't going to be the terrain. #
  • What about sanctions on the importation of gasoline? They don't have refineries… #
  • Newt just said that a war with Iran is preferable to a nuclear weapon. That should be what the follow up should be about #
  • And people learn that Paul Wolfowitz isn't who they think he is… #
  • Few wins on this stage… RT @TheFix: Romney virtually nonexistent. Which is just fine by him. #cnndebate #
  • Calling budget gimmicks gimmicks is an applause line. #
  • Of course we need to cut defense. The question is how and what and what reforms #
  • Huntsman is getting a lot of time. And he is using it well #
  • part time legislature NOT an applause line with DC audience #
  • @jmgehrke yeah, but he lost by like 20 points in reply to jmgehrke #
  • @jmgehrke And Pawlenty survived the wave… in reply to jmgehrke #
  • Europe. Eurozone. Latin America. Mexico. #
  • Romney happy he's not focus. Huntsman glad to get the camera time. Bachmann actually knows her stuff #
  • I think that Perry mentioned it during the Syria no fly zone RT @guypbenson: Has the word "Iraq" been uttered once yet? #cnndebate #
  • Mexico may well be the most important issue for the next President #
  • Mexico as a failed state is a more important issue than the border security issues. How do we make sure that Mexico is a viable state #
  • how did we talk about energy and not talk about the Keystone XL pipeline, a deal with our biggest ally #
  • I agree with Newt, but I doubt expanding H1 would get applause like that anywhere else in teh country #
  • @mindyfinn Or the Eurocrisis in reply to mindyfinn #
  • RT @timkmak: To explain: Romney said he'd make his 1st state visit to Israel. That's traditionally reserved for Canada. #
  • Newt takes a stand on principle. I predict that this won't hurt him. #
  • Waiting to articulate it better … RT @samsteinhp: where was gingrich when perry was getting pummeled by Romney on immigration? #
  • 20 minutes left. Iraq. Arab Spring. Europe #
  • @jdpeterson huntsman mentioned china … in reply to jdpeterson #
  • if we are are going to talk about Mexico and immigration, why not what the Mexicans complain about: guns and fast and furious? #
  • Good question about values in the middle east and allies. need more concept questions #
  • Good question on current issues in Egypt #
  • great question. 10 minutes left and no europe or china #
  • or Europe RT @2chambers: Surprisingly little mention of China at this debate. nothing on Senate's China currency bill? #cnndebate #
  • Romney does well on the Asian Century/American Century line #
  • @PatrickRuffini If Heritage got to ask Obama questions and CAP the GOP nominee, that would be fun in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • Last question #
  • Last question. No China. No Europe. #
  • Good for Perry for bringing up China. #
  • @NewYorker @RyanLizza you mean like Lizza did with Francis Schaffer? http://t.co/y4Uu1MX2 in reply to NewYorker #

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