• Union thug hits my friend Tabitha at the protest today … http://bit.ly/gTYRCh #
  • people that talk about falling income need to account for falling income in europe. It is technology and unfortunate. But reality. #
  • Imagine a president who actually was interseted in democracy rather than mealy-mouth about it http://politi.co/e9LDnn #
  • If people listen to Walker, he is talking about the slush funds of union health funds … http://bit.ly/eLedNW #
  • @daveweigel well, we talk about the labor movement living in the past, but that's ridiculous 🙂 in reply to daveweigel #
  • Just a reminder that the big interest groups in America spend a lot more on Democrats … http://bit.ly/h2lY3h #
  • Greek public employee unions sabotage their country. http://bit.ly/fQtWAh #

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