• The us passport office in dc is a model of efficiency #
  • @svkenney not at all. I was there at 8:20 today. I left with a pickup time at 8:45. I went back and spent less than 2 minutes to pick it up in reply to svkenney #
  • I am getting now getting spam targeted to making money off of Obamacare…. #
  • msnbc turns off stephen harper because they can't translate french #
  • @niclott well, to be a westerner, speaking french and doing it publicly helps with quebec's anxiety in reply to niclott #
  • @niclott Quebec's anxieties about a westerner. This is a way of saying he respects them. in reply to niclott #
  • @niclott Harper is really a remarkable figure. Phd in economics and a political genius in reply to niclott #
  • What took them so long? … Socialist International finally kicks out Mubarakhttp://t.co/hIEOn3q #

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