• when a campaign plays blam-athon 6 hours before the polls close, you know it is bad…. #
  • @daveweigel I once saw @craignewmark argue that people should vote for dems because of lower taxes…. Politics ain't his business. in reply to daveweigel #
  • scozzafava didn't campaign either. Maybe the lesson is that people who don't campaign lose? #
  • Rasmussen: Brown won 22% of dems. http://bit.ly/4PrXVN #
  • @ttagaris you guys keep thinking that ….. in reply to ttagaris #
  • @msbellows she played the gender card in a dem primary with 4 guys running against her. in reply to msbellows #
  • rachel maddow is sounding delusional #
  • The margin is big enough that it will be hard for dems to justify not seating him. Especially with the Coakley concession #
  • time to have some tea …… #
  • love that the chamber is running a simple tax message on health care on MSNBC. Hear it Dems? Don't raise taxes. Or go like Martha and Teddy #

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