• Seems like an important story on the Working Families Party, including Gaspard http://bit.ly/8kqIBX #
  • how many of News Corp outlets are a success? WSJ is adding subs and Fox leads the segment. is there a chance Murdoch is making sense? #
  • @owillis Agree on MySpace and Fox Biz. What about his UK and Aussie holdings? in reply to owillis #
  • @owillis Ok. so the guy is winning in national cable news, national paper news, just not local. Maybe he's on to *something*. in reply to owillis #
  • We got our cat at a shelter. This is so sad/cute. RT @myadcouncil Shelter Pet Adoption | My Ad Council http://bit.ly/2cqsZI #
  • Dems offer $5/vote, win by 40 votes… http://bit.ly/7nshDh #
  • Obama continues to implement Bush Iraq policy #
  • Another blue dog retires RT @PoliticsNation Rep. John Tanner (D-TN) to retire, giving GOP top pickup opportunity: http://is.gd/59t36 #
  • @owillis Yeah. Bush announced the strategy in late 2006. Worked. in reply to owillis #
  • RT @thegoldfarb RT @noonanjo: Note to POTUS: Most of those cadets have lost friends in Iraq. Shitting on the effort is not the wisest move. #
  • wasn't he convinced in 2002 that this was the war of necessity? Good of him to be consistent after months of thinknig #
  • Does the "based on performance" apply to other Obama initiatives? #
  • Is Obama relitigating Viet Nam… He's saying "we can stay because it's not viet nam". really? another frame? #
  • wasn't the world domination line a bush line? #
  • RT @PatrickRuffini: The volunteers who signed on to what they thought was an antiwar campaign must be so, so disappointed #
  • I guess there's no "win" or "victory" in Obama ('s Afghanistan speech) http://bit.ly/56MlD6 #
  • Consumerist: "Curbing runaway healthcare costs starts in the one-on-one conversations in the doctor's office" http://bit.ly/60UNWL #

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