• @MyrnaTheMinx you people politicize disease and health care all the time. criticize yourself #
  • loving the presentation on my church's mission trip to el salvador #
  • Funny that neither the DNC nor Stabenow disputed Bond's assessment that small business cuts were reversed in 2 years in Reid bill #
  • Funny that neither the DNC nor Stabenow disputed Bond's that the reid bill is starts tax increases in 2010 but benefits in 2013 #
  • @estherclark congrats! in reply to estherclark #
  • If health care passes, it will be because some dems are willing to give up their jobs. http://bit.ly/4SIPWh #
  • Does Obama only believe in transparency when it doesn't hurt his friends? http://bit.ly/7QDFY6 #
  • Richard Posner: Against public option. TVA didn't work as a measure of utility companies. Why would this? #

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