• "Cats for Gold" "Go from Pretty to Kitty" … I like http://bit.ly/3VSRd4 #
  • Giuliani wimped out of another campaign …. #
  • @eegetterman I think he wants to make money. in reply to eegetterman #
  • @mikememoli Love the channeling of Haley… Confident for a lot of reasons. Glad to hear RGA talking up redistricting #
  • @jdp23 @patrickruffini the ability to use party/campaign tools to organize on an ongoing basis was so impressive. wish GOP would do it in reply to jdp23 #
  • Recovery.gov if the reporting errors are that bad, take the jobs number off the site. http://bit.ly/3MQyln #
  • we just coined a new work… the "cougarsphere" #
  • @SalenaZito She did win a nasty contested primary against the establishment. After getting the AK GOP chair fired. What would you expect? #

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