• @KatieFavazza what does he bring to the table? Isn't he … pretty cookie cutter? in reply to KatieFavazza #
  • Glad to see a discussion of lefty special interests in the health care debate http://bit.ly/8Mo8W #
  • @acarvin Morozov is a really good corrective on the "new media == transparency and openness" argument in reply to acarvin #
  • RT @tobyharnden: Jimmy Fallon: In China, Obama admitted that he's never used Twitter. Even John McCain was like, "Get it together, Grandpa!" #
  • RT @mbrownerhamlin Phone banking is possibly the most annoying of human behaviors. #
  • RT @nrsc Health Care Task Force ยป Robin Carnahan: Wrong on Health Care http://bit.ly/25b2hf #
  • MO Dem legislator in prison … RT @Missourinet Smith and Brown sentenced for campaign violations http://bit.ly/2kAxOZ #
  • @PatrickRuffini what's really funny about it is that if Obama hadn't politicized the data, they wouldn't have the problem. in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • I was against Tiahrt because he's a porker. But this is absurd. http://bit.ly/4vn2Eu #
  • RT @RoyBlunt My letter to Secretaries Sebelius, Vilsack and Napolitano demanding answers on H1N1 vaccine shortage: http://bit.ly/3BFibj #
  • Wife of felon endorses mobbed up US Senate candidate linked to Obama http://bit.ly/4gDINM #
  • Obama breaks gitmo promise. How many broken big promises before he becomes just a liar? #
  • @MattZeitlin gitmo was his promise, not Congress'. Obama has no credible plan. And every vote in congress has been strongly bipartisan in reply to MattZeitlin #
  • Nothing on Sudan. Another broken promise by Obama… http://bit.ly/2dkdgE #
  • Wow! RT @daveweigel In 2007, Rudy ignored my requests for an interview. Now I get to ignore his conference call. Tables have turned! #

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