Twitter Updates for 2009-11-17

  • Chuck Devore note helping with our birther problem …. #
  • Demographic Trends: Time to link pension age to life expectancy #
  • Republicans winning the important recount in NY. Long Island GOP on the way back … #
  • Duh people who need news will pay for it. Bloomberg and Reuters making money. #
  • twitter lists should support a search feed as part of the list. #
  • RT @CalebHowe: Shocker. FCC study on #netneutrality conducted by "biased long-time advocate of net neutrality policies" #
  • @KatieFavazza don't you need a little more depth to run for President? A compelling narrative? *something*? What do I not know about him? in reply to KatieFavazza #
  • Crooks RT @jimgeraghty: Democrats may try 2 replace Sen. Lautenberg w/Jon Corzine? A Torricelli maneuver sequel? #
  • especially for someone is will not run for president RT @mikememoli: The DNC is having way too much fun with Palin book blowback #

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