• @?MelissaTweets @mattsheffield GOP leadership does talk about jobs and deficit. all mcdonnell talked about in VA #
  • kit bond says @robincarnahan would be a rubber stamp #
  • Pelosi bill raises costs in violation of Obama's health care promises http://bit.ly/1fPkSx #
  • @LizMair thats just because you were taller …. #
  • @msbellows @mzanolli wrong question. why are quakers beating episcopalians #
  • @JulieG I sympathize. @butleramanda does that. I think it has something to do with growing up in Baton Rouge. in reply to JulieG #
  • until now, i did not know that Boehner bumper stickers have union bugs. did not expect that #
  • @warnerthuston i think @kevinbinversie nails it. commie forced unionization state. probably no free market printers. have to pay more #
  • @JonHenke we always knew you were special #

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