• Time to see if the blue dogs are just lapdogs http://bit.ly/46XG2u #
  • @PatrickRuffini Wait … @janehamsher wants *another* vote in the House for an even leftier bill without Stupak/Bishops support? bring it on in reply to PatrickRuffini #
  • Chuck DeVore continues to lack a certain …. discipline … http://bit.ly/4mMXF7 #
  • Looking forward to canadian by-election results. Canadian friends remember that people in the states aren't bound by your media rules … 🙂 #
  • looking like tories pick up the seat in #ccmv #
  • RT @philipaklein Abortion has everything to do with HC debate; [future] contentious values' debates to come if govt controls our HC. #
  • @EllnMllr @jayrosen_nyu how do you resolve the conflict of interest when government is what is being made accountable? #

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