When Barack Obama was on the ballot in Georgia, Jim Martin was within 3% of Saxby Chambliss. Without Obama, Martin gets blown out by 20%. Saxby’s message was that a vote for Martin was a vote for a blank check for Democrats.

Today Georgians rejected a blank check for the Democratic Party by far more than typical GOP margins in a red state.

This tells us that Americans picked Obama and change, but not a broad Democratic or left-leaning agenda for America. Open Left’s David Sirota understood this last week when he said:

So now, because of this, you have a large majority (though not the whole) of his 10 million-person email list overarchingly organized around the celebrity Barack Obama – not really around issues (though certainly people can like Obama and support specific issues).

So when the Democrats try to push through outrageous things like card-check, significant tax-increases, etc., all we need to do is point to tonight. When progressives were on the ballot, not just a celebrity, the progressives were roundly rejected.

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