Cross-posted from Election Journal. finds that Barack Obama campaign staffer (described on an Obama site as a field organizer and at a Zoroastrian site as Obama staff) Minwalla Farah is registered to vote in 3 states.

Meet Farah Minwalla, an Obama field organizer in North Carolina. She registered to vote in Mecklenburg County, NC on October 4. According to county auditor reports, the address Minwalla used belongs to a Wanda Nabors. But oddly – Minwalla is also registered to vote in New York AND Nevada. All three registrations are listed as active. So, is she a resident of North Carolina, Nevada or New York? Technically, it appears she could vote in all three.

Minwalla’s online bio for NextGenNow says she is currently pursuing a degree in English and Journalism in New York City. As recently as July, Minwalla wrote a review for a band in Brooklyn, but now she’s registered to vote in swing state North Carolina. The latest RealClearPolitics poll shows Obama ahead by 0.3 percent, in New York Obama leads by 29.7 percent. As I’ve heard so often from campaigners, every vote counts.

I checked the voter file and found that Minwalla registered on the day of the Nevada Caucus with a mailing address in  New York.  The Nevada caucus allowed registration and participation on the same day. Yet, two weeks later, someone with the same name, New York City address, and birthday voted in the New York Presidential primary.  She registered at the New York City address in 2007.

I have not been able to confirm the North Carolina registration, but the evidence looks solid.

UPDATE: A North Carolina reader confirms this in the comments.

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