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Yet another out-of-state Ohio voter was discovered, according to
Cincinnati Enquirer

A Connecticut man apparently registered to vote and
cast a ballot in Hamilton County while visiting during the
so-called “golden week” when anyone in Ohio could register and vote
at the same time.

The man’s ballot is being held at the request of a special
prosecutor handling a voter-fraud investigation in Hamilton

This person appears to have been participating in something like
the Vote from Home
strategy, where people come in from out of state and register
during same-day registration and voting. Note that this was only
discovered when the voter himself reported it:

Further details on the out-of-state voter were not
available. The elections board said the man called the board and
requested that his ballot be pulled and not counted.

How many voters didn’t report their own participation in fraud?
Furthermore, what if he had voted on an electronic machine, so his
vote couldn’t be pulled? Election Journal interviewed several
people who did that
. Note also that if Secretary of State Jenniffer Brunner
had required HAVA checks, this registration would have likely been

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