Can registration fraud turn into voter fraud? YES IT CAN?

A bunch of election fraud blogs have popped up in individual
states. Here’s a
great one
from Iowa with
a great story
. In this case, fraudulent voter registration led
to an absentee ballot being sent to one of the fake people … in

A concerned citizen from Sioux City, IA made a trip to her
auditor’s office last week to inquire into some political mailings
her family kept receiving. She discovered that several individuals
unknown to her or her family had registered to vote using their
address in 2004. Even more concerning is the fact that one of these
folks, (Iowans love this word) Mr. David Loepp, had already
requested and recieved his 2008 absentee ballot via
international mail in ROME. Voter fraud
in Iowa? Never!

Note that this fake person who doesn’t exist signed an request
form for the ballot.
Click through
to see the application and see the signature.

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