Isn’t someone supposed to check his dumb questions?

In this morning’s Washington Post,
EJ Dionne, in a screed against the right, asks

Yet McCain’s own campaign is playing with powerful
extremist themes to denigrate Obama. When his running mate, Sarah
Palin, first brought up Obama’s association with 1960s radical Bill
Ayers, who has become a centerpiece of McCain’s attacks, she
accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” What other
“terrorists” was she thinking about?

How about … Bernadine
, Bill Ayers wife? Remember her? She was on FBI’s 10 most
wanted list.

Remember, she couldn’t pass the bar because she “wouldn’t say
she’s sorry.” Sound like any unrepentant terrorists you know?

That’s who Obama was “palling around” with. I knew that in 2
seconds. why didn’t Dionne or his editors? Or were they just being
intellectually dishonest?

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