Earlier, I wrote about how Steny Hoyer tried to give cover to Mark Udall for skipping the vote on the adjournment resolution in the House. Earlier, I had also argued that the whole #dontGo thing — before it was a thing — was a major strategic victory for the Congressional Republicans.

Well, the hammer is beginning to fall on Udall — and hopefully others.

Today, Freedom’s Watch dropped a web video and a robocall. First the video:

The robocall script is after the jump.



Hello, I’m calling from Freedom’s Watch with a Mark Udall vacation update.

Last week, Mark Udall promised to vote to keep Congress from going on vacation without passing a bill to lower gas prices.

Two days later, he broke that promise. 

Congress voted to go on vacation without passing an energy bill.

And Mark Udall?

He was too busy hobnobbing it with his campaign fundraisers to even show up for the vote. 

Now Congress is on a five-week vacation, and we’re still paying an arm-and-a-leg for gas.

Call Mark Udall at (303) 650 7820 and tell him we expect him to stay on the job and fight for lower gas prices and energy independence… 

…Just like he promised he would. 

Paid for by Freedom’s Watch.  (202) 379 3742.


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