For your Kansas results, I recommend the Secretary of State’s site. With 373/819 in, Jenkins is up by 4%, Topeka is not in.

In Missouri, I recommend the Secretary of State’s office also. In MO-09, it looks like Luetkemeyer won going away. It looks like the Governor’s office primary is closer, but it looks like Kenny Hulshof is pulling it off.

In Michigan, it is not as easy. In the MI-07 primary, State Sen. Mark Schauer, the DCCC’s recruit, won the primary. In MI-13, it looks like Kilpatrick will survive, but be a squeaker. FreeP has the details.

What else?

UPDATE at 11:52EST:

MO-GOV has been called for Kenny Hulshof. Congrats to Congressman Hulshof.

KS-02 is looking very close, but currently with 644/819 in, Jenkins is up over Ryun by 2000. Don’t know which precincts and/or counties are not in yet.

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