So let’s stop talking about racism and follow Obama’s words

Strieff nicely handled
the absurd charges of racism against
John McCain for the celebrity ad. Hopefully the blowhard press can
let that one lie.

But Barack Obama’s slip last night on Hillary Clinton is telling
and fits a pattern of mysogyny in his campaign. Visa CBS:

“At a time when we’ve got bigger challenges than any
time in our history and you’re running ads with Hillary and er –
with Britney and ah Paris in it. I mean come on. The American
people deserve better.”

Of course, this is par for the course. He diminished Hillary
Clinton with sexist attacks in the primary.
I wrote this a while back

Jake Tapper first noted this
when Obama said that Hillary was
“taking out the claws.” At the same time he noted that Obama would
use “[l]anguage such as ‘when she’s feeling down’ ‘periodically’
she ‘launches attacks.'” Tapper noted that a
number of female reporters and bloggers picked up on this
Later Obama complained that Hillary was “throwing the China” at
him. Again,
Tapper heard the dog whistle
. Tapper noted that this “feeds
into the ‘harridan‘ caricature
of Clinton.”

Obama’s slip was just more of the same.

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