The left’s strategy for delivering close states

Warner Todd Huston
just wrote about ACORN embezzling issues.
Thankfully, we just gave a criminal organization another chunk of
change in the Housing Bill. Allegedly, it was to push more people
into subprime loans, which they have been doing for the last decade
or so. Of course, that was a bad idea.

Another big project of theirs is voter registration.  Like
so many voter-reg groups, like the one below, they are premised on
a business model that incentivizes illegality. Watch this:

If Barack Obama were to win Virginia by a handful of votes, this
would be a fundamental part of how it happened. The Obama campaign,
ACORN, and Congressional Democrats are planning for that.

Somehow it was a priority for Congressional Democrats to fund
people illegally register voters, but
it isn’t to defend the right to vote for our soldiers

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