How afraid are the Scaredy-crats of getting on the record?

Today, Senator Robert “Sheets” Byrd (D-KKK/WV) cancelled a
markup in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Why? He even told
To avoid a vote on energy

Given the uncertainty in how the oil and gas drilling
issue is currently playing out on the Senate floor
, I have
decided to postpone the July 24th appropriations markups at this
time,” Byrd said in a statement.

Earlier, Boehner noted “clear majorities” in both houses, but
that the Dems were afraid of them. From
The Hill

Boehner stressed that there are “clear majorities” in both
chambers of Congress to support greater energy exploration, but
blamed Democratic leadership for preventing votes on such

“The only thing standing in the way of what we want are Nancy
Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama,” Boehner said.

I am going to coin a new word: Scaredy-crats

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