So I was doing some research for a panel that I am speaking on at RightOnline, and I was curious. So I searched on Google for "obama healthcare" and "mccain healthcare". I was shocked by what I found. First the ads:

 Which of these would you click on? The one that asks you to register at campaign events or get to know someone? Or the one that asks you for money. I bet that Barack Obama’s ad has a lot higher click-through.

Now, let’s actually click through. Landing pages after the jump.


First, Obama’s:

That’s a video of Obama looking at you and talking to you. It asks you to "Join us" in a big red button in the middle of the screen. And they are asking you to come to an event, not give money.

Now compare with McCain’s site, except that I’m goign to give you the whole page.


What’s the message of this page? McCain isn’t looking at you. There’s no message. There’s no explanation for why you might give up your email address. McCain is looking at the "Contribute" button, because you know what he is thinking about…

Any guesses which one gets more email addresses? Any idea which advertising strategy gets better ROI? I have a guess…


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