Keep a GOP House seat and expose corrupt Illinois Democrats

Marty Ozinga is a
businessman who grew his family concrete business into the largest
concrete company in the country. But from this ad, he looks like a
regular guy.

The Crypt
has the details about the race:

Fresh off a quarter where he raised over $800,000 from
individual donors, concrete magnate Martin Ozinga III is up with
the first ad in the race in the campaign to succeed retiring Rep.
Jerry Weller (R-Ill.)

His opponent is an establishment Democrat Illinois political who
… Marty outraised through the hard work he learned at the family

Ozinga is facing a hotly-contested
against state Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson (D).
Halvorson announced yesterday that she raised about $400,000 over
the last quarter — about half of Ozinga’s total — but still holds
a small cash-on-hand advantage over Ozinga, who only entered the
race in April.

This ought to be a Republican seat, and with a well-known
politician tied into the Blagoyevich operation, we have a very good
chance of keeping it. And Ozinga looks and feels like a new kind of
Republican, and he is getting the blocking and tackling right in
this race.

Give Marty a hand
and keep another Richard Daley, Barack Obama,
Emil “It’s
steak, not pork
” Jones, Rod Blagoyevich style crooked Democrat
out of Congress.

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