Barack Obama is a liar. We know this by now. He lies about what he used to say or think. And he lies about his personal background. For example, he said that he compared his upbringing to Hillary Clinton's elite upbringing. Never mind that he went to most prestigious prep school in Hawaii, paid for by his grandma, who was VP of a bank.

This time he is saying in his most recent ad that he "worked his way through college and Harvard Law". fact-checked and it turns out that it isn't true. He had two (2!) jobs during college and graduate school. From Fact Check:

But "worked his way" through college and law school? The only back-up the campaign provided for this claim was a quote from Obama's book "Dreams from My Father" having to do with a construction job he had one summer while he was in college, and an article mentioning his job as a summer associate one year at a big Chicago law firm. We asked campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor if Obama held jobs during the school year, or other summer jobs, but he said only, "He had the two jobs I told you about." Unless Obama had a good bit more employment than his spokesman was able to describe for us, it's a real stretch to claim he "worked his way" through school.

Now I wouldn't argue that I "worked by way though college" but I did work a 20+ hour/week job during the school year and full time during the summer and all vacations.

Sees like the only change he is going to bring to Washington is that of better acting.

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