TX-22: Why is Nick Lampson afraid to debate?

Why won’t Nick Lampson debate? What is he afraid of? That people find out that he is well out of step with his district?

A few days after an announcement that U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson and challenger Pete Olson would meet in a chamber-sponsored debate, Lampson’s office has indicated he might not make it.

Huh? A Chamber official is confused:

As for the debate, she added, "we’ve had that set up with him since long before" an April run-off election in which Olson was elected the GOP nominee for the CD-22 seat in the November general election.

"That’s fascinating. I didn’t know; we have not heard this directly," said Olson spokeswoman Amy Goldstein when informed of the news. "As far as we know, it was scheduled; it was a done deal; it is a surprising development."

If he is too afraid to debate, how is he as a "conservative Democrat" going to stand up to Nancy Pelosi?

Go help Pete Olson get rid of Lampson.