Lots of attention has focused on Jim Johnson, who Barack Obama picked to guide the VP selection process. We have already talked about a number of the problems. It comes down to this: just as Tony Rezko helped Obama with a sweetheart deal to buy his house, Countywide Financial, which Obama rails against, helped Johnson buy his.

But there is more on Johnson. In 2001, he joined Persueus LLC as a Vice Chairman. Perseus has a number of funds. Among them:

PERSEUS-SOROS BIOPHARMACEUTICAL FUND, L.P., which Perseus co-manages, was formed in 2000 with capital commitments totaling $449 million to make investments in life sciences companies

So Perseus is a business partner with George Soros. And Johnson is the Vice Chairman ...

Incidentally, as Say Anything Blog notes, Perseus also seems to own the publisher of the Scott McClellan book:

Public Affairs Books (editor at large Peter Osnos: About The Century Foundation.)

Public Affairs Books is owned by Perseus Book Group.

Perseus Book Group is in turn owned by Perseus Funds Group, (holding company Perseus LLC). Perseus has enjoyed growth of assets over the last 13 years of 10,000% (100 x 1995 value).

Are we looking at the finance empire of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

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