Earlier, I introduced Jim Johnson, the head of Barack Obama's vice presidential search team. He is also a lobbyist, operative for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale (is this the change we need?), representative of a former head of state, bundler for the Obama campaign, and disgraced mortgage executive who mistated Fannie Mae profits to get a bigger bonus. Oh yeah.

Today, the NY Sun tells us that he also got sweetheart mortgages from bankrupt (legally, not merely in other ways) mortgage dealer Country Wide Financial:

James Johnson, one of three people tapped by Mr. Obama recently to oversee the search for his running mate, took at least five real estate loans totaling more than $7 million from Countrywide Financial Corp. through an informal program for friends of the company's CEO, Angelo Mozilo, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

But I am sure that Barack Obama sees nothing wrong with that. After all, he got a subsidy on his own house from now-felon, then-FBI investigation target Tony Rezko.

So next time Barack Obama complains about the Housing crisis, ask him about his Vice Presidential search guy who gets sweetheart deals. Or even about his own sweetheart deals. He hasn't answered enough questions there only, "like eight questions." We agree with the Chicago Sun Times that that is not enough.

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