Several weeks ago, our own Jeff Emanuel broke the news that Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA-11) admitted that the Democrats lied about the war for political advantage. Today, Freedom's Watch is hitting Kanjorski with robocalls recorded by Beverly Pearson, the founder of the Band of Mothers, (see her story here) to explain his morally bankrupt position to voters.

Listen to the robocall here.

Give money to Lou Barletta, Kanjorski's opponent, and check out Band of Mothers here.

Script after the jump.

Hello I'm Beverly Perlson calling for Freedom's Watch

My son, John, just returned from his 4th tour in Iraq and Afghanistan - and I'm tremendously proud of him.

But I'm not proud of Congress...

Congressman Paul Kanjorski was caught saying Democrats 'stretched the facts' about the war in an effort to win the election.

And now, Congress goes on vacation without providing funding for our troops, putting their paychecks in jeopardy.

My son protects us and yet Congressman Kanjorski admits to playing politics with his life, and now his paycheck.

I'm not just embarrassed by Mr. Kanjorski and Congress, I'm angry. You should be, too.

Call Congressman Kanjorski at 570-496-1011.

Tell him to wrap up his vacation, get back to work, and vote to pay our troops.

Paid for by Freedom's Watch. 202-379-3742

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