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On Stopping Absentee Ballot Fraud, Democratic Machine 1, Jon Corzine 0

One of the central issues of the New Jersey Governor’s race is ethics. One question that arises from that is, “who is in charge, Jon Corzine or the Democratic Machine?” The case of Jamel Holley is a case in which the machine won. Holley is an up-and-coming star of the New Jersey Democratic Party. See this [...]


Soren citing: What blog outreach is for

Steve Dinan at the Washington Times writes about John McCain’s campaign’s blog outreach strategy. My take on the whole thing is summed up in my quote: “I don’t think the people at DailyKos are going Read more…


Barack Obama’s ideology problem

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Doug Schoen, (admittedly a Clinton operative) points to Barack Obama’s values problem: Most importantly, he must answer this question once and for all: What are his values? … Exit polls Read more…