Fidel Castro writes on Barack Obama:

What did he say in his speech in Miami, this man who is doubtless, from the social and human points of view, the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency?

Meanwhile Castro attacks John McCain personally:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro blasted Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Friday for his criticism of the Cuban government this week, saying McCain had shown why he finished near the bottom of his class at West Point.

[Note by Jeff: The fact that McCain went to the Naval Academy (at Annapolis, MD), not the U.S. Military Academy (at West Point) appears to be lost on either Mr. Castro or on the writer of the Reuters article. If the former, that shows why Mr. Castro "finished near the bottom of his class at" the Petty Dictators Academy, and the lack of a correction in-text shows that the Reuters writer is either too ignorant to know the difference, too lazy to care, or too biased to correct Castro in favor of McCain. Of course, if it was just a mistake by the Reuters writer (and editor), then that simply demonstrates why they "finished near the bottom of [their] class at" Wannabe Journalist School. Either way, poor job by the news bureau all-stars.]

One candidate is attacked by Castro. The other is praised by Castro. And Hamas. Sometimes you know a man by his friends and enemies.

Just saying.

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