Barack Obama has wanted to be President for seemingly his entire life. But he thinks that people serve and protect our country only because of coercion. For real. Chatting with a bunch of liberal reporters, he said:

I didn’t serve as many people my age because Vietnam was over by the time I was of draft age and we had then moved to an all volunteer army.

He could talk about being called to serve the country in some other way. But he doesn't. He could talk about what else he has done. But he doesn't. Instead he says that he didn't serve because he wasn't forced to do so.

This raises real questions about whether Obama actually has experience or understanding to command our military. He claims he does:

Obama later said he will “cede to no one the ability to talk about veterans issues.” He said his grandfather was a veteran and vowed to “advocate fiercely” on their behalf.

How can he advocate on anyone's behalf when he doesn't even understand why they serve their country? That's an astonishing level of naive arrogance.

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