Mitt Romney’s voters are upper-middle class. The kinds of people who read the Wall Street Journal. Today the Journal attempted an assist. On the top of the page was a piece entitled "McCain’s promise" with the pull-quote:

It is cruel to compare the senator to most of his Republican competitors.

The next story on the page was "The New New Mitt" with the pull-quote:

New Hampshire voters know Romney’s record better than most. That could spell trouble.

That’s a clear message from the news source of the management and business class that Mitt Romney is not their guy, and John McCain is.

That’s gotta hurt.


1 Comment » State of the race · January 9, 2008 at 2:18 PM

[…] Second, John McCain will continue to be vulnerable on immigration, but exit polls in New Hampshire put that issue behind the economy, the war in Iraq, and the great struggle against terrorism. McCain has opened up a defense from Romney’s attack on his tax record with Senator Phil Gramm and Rep. Jack Kemp. Besides, it looks like the Wall Street Journal may play a little defense for him too. McCain is already the clear 2nd in South Carolina, and a bump from New Hampshire and, possibly Michigan, would likely tighten the race with Mike Huckabee there. […]

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