(cross-posted from Redstate)

I just finished a Mitt Romney townhall in Nashua, NH. He had around 400 people, according to the campaign. I had just come from a similar event in Windham, just down the road, where Mike Huckabee had over 600. The Huckabee event clearly had more energy than the Romney event.

One of the questions in this race is whether Mike Huckabee has a base of support beyond southern Evangelicals. Well, I found an Orthodox Jewish State Rep., Jason Bedrick. Watch Jason explain why he supports Huckabee. He also said that Huckabee could bring Reagan Democrats back to the party. Reagan did it by using cultural values and economic populism to cut into traditionally Democratic ethnic voting blocs … like culturally conservative northeastern Jews. Could Huckabee?

If this energy is indicative, Rudy Giuliani could be in trouble. One reporter described his events to me as "intimate."