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From 2008-01, NH

I just got to a computer after John McCain’s most recent townhall in Peterborough in western New Hampshire. Peterborough was the location of McCain’s famous 2000 town hall meeting that become a cover-story in Time Magazine.

This year, it was McCain’s 100th town hall in New Hampshire. Apparently 750 showed up to standing-room only. 150 more were turned away by the fire marshall. Ramesh was there. So was Phil.

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So was CBN’s David Brody, who should have some great video. But here’s what he blogged:

I’m on the ground here at a John McCain town hall meeting in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Folks, he may be 71 years old but here in New Hampshire, he has the energy of a 21 year old. I have covered John McCain throughout 2007 and I must say, he’s never been so on fire and red hot as now. The crowd here is overflowing out the door. The McCain bus had a hard time getting up the street because of all the people flowing in. …

John McCain has always been at his best when he’s unplugged. Well, let me just confirm that he is not only unplugged, he is on fire. Romney needs to watch out. Huckabee needs to watch out. John McCain just may take this enthusiasm in New Hampshire and become the ultimate “Comeback Kid”.

There were questions (Iraq, global warming, health care, AIDS in Africa, etc.) But the real story was the energy. A lot of it.

It appears that something may be happening. The Concord Monitor has a new poll out with McCain up 6. If this energy continues the Mac may well be back.

With that, I go to NRO’s event and then the debate. Details will follow.