Huckabee’s pastors and unions

Marc Ambinder has written about the family groups and pastors groups that are meeting to help Mike Huckabee in a bunch of the early primary states:

Sources say that the Renewal Project, whose organizers are partial to Mike Huckabee, is planning three pastors conferences in Florida, one conference in New Hampshire (scheduled for Dec. 13 and 14) two in South Carolina and at least on in Michigan.

Some of Huckabee’s opponents are complaining:

Huckabee’s opponents suspect the Project is a campaign adjunct in disguise. Its backers are wealthy and anonymous. Last week in Des Moines, they paid for 350 pastors to stay at downtown hotels, fed them good meals and paid Newt Gingrich’s speakers fee. …

And short of proof of coordination, it’s all legal.

Of course, Republicans are used to seeing this, although not always in Republican primaries. We normally see it in general elections. From the unions. Oh yeah. And Huckabee has unions too. For example, the Machinists. Or, perhaps, the teachers, at least in New Hampshire.

In a Republican primary, the unions don’t have numbers like they do in other states. But they have bodies. Lots of bodies. Homeschoolers, evangelicals, and unions are a powerful, powerful combination.