Romney’s “Sanctuary Mansion” Problem: Honesty

My position on Mitt Romney has been that his flip-flopping and other things reveals a deeper honesty problem. They guy just doesn’t have any. From the immigrants on the front lawn "Sanctuary Mansion" story in today’s Boston Globe:

"After this same issue arose last year, I gave the company a second chance with very specific conditions," Romney said in the statement. "They were instructed to make sure people working for the company were of legal status. We personally met with the company in order to inform them about the importance of this matter. The owner of the company guaranteed us, in very certain terms, that the company would be in total compliance with the law going forward.

The business owner disagrees:

Romney’s account differs from that of landscape company owner Ricardo Saenz, who said that Romney didn’t press the issue of whether his workers were in the country illegally. Asked if the Romney household expressed reservations about rehiring him after last year’s story, he said, "Why would they have any problem?"

The guy has an honesty and a character problem.