The day after a debate in which Mitt Romney does …. not so well, it seems that there might be a concerted effort to lower expectations. Jen Rubin had been noticing it for a while.

It seems that that strategy now includes raising Mike Huckabee’s expectations too. But I was struck by the crassness with which Dean Barnett, Romney’s former driver and self-described "Romney shill", did precisely this:

So was this a seismic night? I’ll give that one a big yes. Tonight heralded the arrival of Mike Huckabee as a force in this race. Not a spoiler, not a wildcard, but a force. Huckamania is still running wild. …

Not say, when he actually tied Romney in Iowa polling?

A personal note to all my sophisticated East Coast friends: Don’t wait for the Christmas rush – stop underestimating Huckabee now. Unless the other guys can be a lot more effective at landing some leather on him than they were last night, he may win Iowa by 20 points.



swanfam · November 29, 2007 at 7:08 PM

The MSM’s Huck crush may actually be a good thing for Romney:

John McIntyre over at Real Clear Politics makes a good point:

For the Romney campaign the silver lining in Huckabee’s move into the first tier–and it is not an unimportant silver lining–is that Huckabee has totally shaken up the expectations for Iowa on the GOP side. Because of this resetting of expectations in December, if Romney is able to hold off Huckabee in Iowa it will be a huge win for his campaign. A win that would allow the Romney campaign to get the kind of momentum they were looking for when they originally laid out their sling-shot strategy to the nomination.

HotConflict · November 29, 2007 at 7:29 PM

Mitt Romney is being accused of Religious Bigotry?
He has been suggesting that everyone else is bigoted because we should not talk about Mormons, but here he expresses his views of Muslims in general.
Listen to this episode of the Hot Conflict Radio show discussing Mitt Romney on Islam.

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